Kroger Rewards

An easy way you can shop to support the Holocaust Memorial Center!


 Simply register your Kroger Plus Card at  Select "Participant," then "enroll."  In the next window, you'll go to "sign up today" in the "new customer" box.  Follow the instructions for entering your zip code and email address, then select the Holocaust Memorial Center as the organization you wish to support.  It's that easy!



It isn't convenient for me to sign up online.  Is there another way?
If you'd rather not sign up online, contact or call 248.536.9605.  You will be mailed a barcode sheet, which you can bring to the customer service desk at your Kroger store.  They will be able to activate your Kroger Plus Card in support of the Holocaust Memorial Center.

Is there anything else I need to do to ensure that my purchases benefit the HMC?
Every April, you will need to log in on the Kroger Community Rewards site and re-activate your decision to support the Holocaust Memorial Center.  This takes about five minutes and can be done from any device that has an internet connection.

How do I get my Kroger Plus Card?
The next time you're at a Kroger store, ask any associate and they will help you get signed up.  The process takes only a few minutes.  But don't forget that the next step is to enroll your card in Kroger Community Rewards so that a portion of your purchases benefit the Holocaust Memorial Center!