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# Date Issued By Title Adm. Zone Location Brief Description Names?
25 1943 Budapest Headquarters of Military Defense Consequences of marriage by military personnel to Jews zone 6 Budapest Revoking all benefits from Major Oscar Tauber based on his marriage to a Jewish woman without permission by the military authorities. ----------

25A 1939 Ministry of Defense Solution to the Jewish problem within the Military. all zones Entire Country Meeting to define the principles for being considered Jewish within the branches and ranks of Military ----------

25B 1939 National Chief Overseer of Labor Camps Statistics and reports about type of work to be performed in camps all zones Entire Country Due to lack of professional workers requesting Jewish laborers; reporting 123 escaped Jews from camp ----------

25C 1941 Chief of Defense Headquarters Informative report about personnel problems in the Southern territories (Banat) and Serbian sympathizers zone 4 Banat Inept personnel placed by German authorities into defense positions; depicting grave situation in food supply; radical and cruel treatment of Jewish laborers in the area. ----------

25D 1941 Ministry of Defense Final edict regarding definitions to be considered Jewish or to be exempt all zones Entire Country Regulations and restrictions for Jewish military personnel and laborers. ----------

25G 1941 Ministry of Defense and Angriculture Real Estate transactions by Jews; sales and purchases zone 3 Miskolc, Losonc Szombathely Transactions denied; petition from "Baross Union" to stop any dealing by Jews being detrimental to the community - willfully inflating prices ----------

26 1942 Ministry of Internal Affairs General Information for mobilizing Jews between age 18-48 for labor camps all zones Entire Country Rules and regulations of mobilization; wearing of yellow arm bands with or witout star of David; defined materials to be used for armbands. ----------

26A 1942 Ministry of Defense and German Military Attache Complains against Jews in labor camp zone1 Carpatho- Ruthenia Accusing 600 Jewish laborers of crooked dealings for their own benefit using their military status ----------

26B 1943 Ministryof Defense and Bishop's office of Csanad Documentation of non Jewish origin; identification of religious personnel in labor camps;demand for proof. all zones Entire Country and Szeged Priests assigned to labor camps have to prove their non-Jewish origin; refusal of Bishop's appeal, claiming his motives are biased by Jews. ----------

26C 1942 Ministry of Defense Provisions for clothing, food and general supplies for labor camps; collection from various organizations all zones Entire Country Collection of supplies for labor camp workers by Jewish organizations; newspaper ads asking contributions from Jews. Denial of collections from non-Jewish Organizations for converted Jews. ----------

1943 Ministry of Defense Petition for removal of suspected "liberal" personnel from activity in Red Cross zone 3 Debrecen Petition to remove Hezer Bela from his Red Cross activities because of Jewish wife and liberalism. Also the organizational chart of the Hungarian Red Cross ----------

26D 1940 Ministry of Defense List of positions that cannot be filled with Jews or even with 1 Jew in their ancestry or having Jewish wives. all zones Entire Country Jews barred in the military from all functions - except for hard labor. No Jew may command or give orders to non-Jews. ----------

26C 1943 Ministry of Defense Further definitions of who is to be considered Jewish all zones Entire Country Legal issues in establishing one's status in the military based on his proof of origin. ----------

27 1942 Ministry of Defense Detailed proposal for new laws in military service for Jews all zones Entire Country Special rules for mobilization and dismissal of Jewish military personnel serving under mandatory draft; confining Jews in the military only to hard labor. ----------

27A 1942 Ministry of Defense New laws to appropriate rural or agricultural real estate owned by Jews; Jews; evaluations of properties all zones Entire Country Specifications for size of real estate allowed to be owned by Jews in rural areas; allowable income determined; assessors and specialists for evaluation ----------

27B 1943 Ministry of Interior Affairs Reports about rumors and accusations by anti-establishment, left wing news- papers and socialist parties all zones Entire Country Petitions to the Government to bring stern measures against the accusers ----------

27C 1942 Ministry of Commerce and of Defense Proposed law to revoke licenses from Jew all zones Entire Country Depriving Jews from licenses to manufacture objects of religious nature; monetary fines. ----------

27D 1943 Ministry of Exterior Affairs Questionable legal status of Jews with foreign citizenship all zones Entire Country Determining legal rights to ownership by foreign citizen Jews ----------

27E 1943 Ministry of Defense Petitions by the Union of Resorts and Health spas in Transylvania zone 2 Transylvania Request to forbid Jews from visiting the resorts; Government denies request. ----------

27F 1942 Ministry of Defense and of Justice Rules of employment for of apartment buildings. buildings managers and caretakers zone 6 Budapest No Jews are trustworthy enough to be employed for building management ----------

1939 Ministry of Defense Proposed law to organize forced labor camps; cost and benefits all zones Entire Country Plans, statistics and outlines to create labor camps for Jews, instead of military service ----------

28 1941 Ministry of Defense Ordinance for setting rules in labor camps zone 1 Carpatho- Ruthenia Generals rules to follow in handling Jewish and Slovakian laborers ----------

28A 1939-1942 Ministry of Defense Laws to be implemented to determine ones race as Jew and depriving Jewish soldiers of any rank; rules to care for invalid soldiers. all zones Entire Country Detailed description of the "Jewish Law" ; no Jewish officers; proof needed to identify the person as non-Jew; rules for converted Jews; mandatory labor service for ages18-48. ----------

28B 1943 Ministry of Defense Guns,ammunitions and all materials used in war to be under control of the Ministry all zones Entire Country Rules for manufacturing, inventory and distribution of war-materials. ----------

28C 1942-1943 Ministry of Defense and of Justice Transcript of the alleged crimes committed by lieutenant Dr. Kalman Benedek zone 1 Carpatho- Ruthenia Accused of helping Jewish laborers in camp and of embezzling food and money; petition to bring the accused to court marshal ----------

28D 1944 City Command for Defense in Budapest Ordinance for forbidding Jewish camp laborers to take leave or being in the city; no justification is necessary for use of guns against disobedient Jews zone 6 Budapest No Jews from labor camps are allowed without non -Jewish escort on the streets of Budapest, housing of laborers as prisoners with the rule of "shoot to kill" if orders are not obeyed. ----------

28E 1944 Territorial Headquarters of Labor Camp Eyewitness testimony describing events during air raids zone 6 Miskolc Ozd Atrocities committed by members of the Arrow Cross against Jewish laborers during air raids. ----------

28F 1939 Ministry of Defense Proposals for organization and supplies needed for labor camps all zones Entire Country List of matrials needed; costs and organizational problems to create labor camps. ----------

28G 1944 Ministry of Defense Ordinance to "loan" to the Germans Jewish laborers for road work. zone6 West (Dunantul) Order for march by foot of units for road construction toward and near the Austrian border. ----------

29 1941 Territorial Headquarters of National Defense Detailed definition of applicable rules zone 3 Kassa Forms and documents to be presented by Jews who are exempt of certain rules and regulations. ----------

29A 1943 Ministry of Defense Report of labor camp inspection, comments and recommendations zone 6 Szentkiraly- Szabadja (Dunantul) Labor camp accommodations and activities found satisfactory; suggestions for removal of unfit laborers ----------

29B 1940-1943 Ministry of Defense Various definitions and rulings for handling Jews in labor camps all zones Entire Counry Transfer of Jews from military service into labor camps; stripping of ranks; rules to engage Jews in specialty works, e.g. doctors, engineers, etc. ----------

29C 1942-1943 Ministry of Defense 2nd Military Command Diary and reports from the Russian front, casualties, road conditions, suggestions to retaliate people in villages; no trade allowed with them outside Hungary Eastern Front Detailed account of fights: accusations of Jews in labor camps as collaborators with the enemy; statistics; requests for more Jewish workers; status of supplies (food,ammo and horses) ----------

29D 1939 Ministry of Defense Interpretation and execution of the "Jewish Law" in the military
Entire Country Suggested procedures for personnel in Defense for future use in handling Jews ----------

29E 1941 Ministry of Commerce and Education Restrictions in commerce for Jews all zones Entire Country Limits set for conducting business in primary consumer goods (like flour, sugar, textile, leather, etc) ----------

29F 1942 Ministry o Defense Various correspondence about Jewish individuals serving in labor camps zone 6 West of Danube Accusations, petitions for exemption, confidential reports about Jews serving in labor camp ----------

29G 1942 Ministry of Defense Reports about imprisoned and fighting partisans on the Eastern Front outside Hungary Eastern Front 30-40 Jewish partizans found among the dead partisans;caught and executed 2 Hungarian Jews. ----------

29H 1941-1942 Ministry of Defense Jews employed in key positions at companies serving the public; proposed law for confiscating and distribution of Jewish properties all zones Entire Country Ordinance to eliminate employment of Jews in public service, e.g.gas, water,sanitation, etc; distributing confiscated Jewish real estate,forests, agricultural equipment, etc. ----------

29I 1943 Ministry of Defense Report by Congressman G.Malasits zone 6 Gyor Atrocities committed against Jewish intellectual laborers in camp, reported by their families ----------

30 1944 Hungarian Ministerial General Archives Documents found in the Ghettos at Sarvar, Kecskemet and Szeged zone 4 Szombathely, Celldomolk and vicinity Inventories and distribution of household articles left by Jews deported from the ghettos; inventory and evaluation of confiscated jewelries and cash. ----------

30A 1944 Mayor's office Notice to restrict food purchases by Jews;moving Jews to ghettos; distribution of properties left by Jews. zone 4 Kecskemet List of stores allowed to sell food to Jews;description of unbearable conditions in ghetto;distribution of housing abandoned by Jews ----------

30B various Hungarian Ministerial General Archives Various identification documents left behind by deported Jews zone 6 Budapest & vicinity Passports, ID cards, birth certificates, etc. found ----------

30C 1944 Hungarian Ministerial General Archives List of names of all deported Jews from Kecskemet zone 6 Kecskemet Names of deported Jews from Kecskemet (16 pages) ----------

30D 1944 Hungarian Ministerial General Archives Correspondence from the Jewish Council in Szeged to the Mayor; notices to the Council zone 4 Szeged Petitions and notices to the Hungarian authorities about the Germans' demand for goods left by Jews; grievances and problems in Ghetto; list of items allowed to be taken on the forthcoming "trip"(deportation) ----------

30E 1944 General Archives and Department of Treasury Inventories of confiscated Jewish goods and their distribution zone6 Szekesfeher- Jewelry, cash, contents of safe deposits taken into custody; petitions for housing and household goods left behind by deported Jews; distribution of goods. ----------

31 1944 General Archives and Department of Treasury Inventories of confiscated Jewish goods left and their distribution zone 6 Szekesfeher- var Inventories and petitions for distribution of Jewish household assets left behind ----------

31A 1944 General Archives and Department of Treasury Inventories of Jewish goods left behind and their distribution zones
4 & 6
Cegled and Szeged Inventories of goods left by deported Jews, names of the Jewish owners; distribution of goods. ----------

31B 1944 Office of the Mayor of Szeged To retire and/or dismiss Jewish public service employees zone 4 Szeged Minutes of meetings about retiring Jewish employees based on the new law ----------

31C 1944 Office of the Mayor of Szeged Petitions and Decisions about abandoned Jewish properties zone 4 Szeged Assigning houses,apartments and industrial and/or commercial properties left by the deported Jews ----------

31D 1944 Ministry of the Internal Affairs Petition and approval to release antisemitic and fascist press all zones Entire country New media issued by the Imredy party called Party of the Hungarian Rejuvenation; program of party detailed ----------

31E 1944 Office of the Mayor of Szeged Citizens' applications for housing zone 4 Szeged Distribution of residencies formerly owned by Jews ----------

36C 1944 Ministry of Interior Affairs Distribution of Jewish Doctors' and Pharmacists' equipment; zone 2 Maramures and vicinity Requests for material and equipment left by Jewish doctors and pharmacists ghettoed and deported ----------

36D 1944 Mayor's Office in greater Budapest Decree to confiscate from Jews all medical equipment and materials; other reports and statistics of medical personnel zone 6 Budapest and vicinity Inventory of medical supplies in Jewish possession; strict instructions for keeping them under lock; reports of Jews functioning in medical fields. ----------

36E 1944 Department of Treasury Inventories of assets left by Jewish doctors deported;distribution requests zone 6 (Dunantul) Szombathely Requested items by non-Jews;approval of goods to be distributed ----------

36F 1943-1944 Ministry of Interior Affairs and of Defense Ordinance to determine periods for shopping in public by Jews; reports accusing Jews of price dodging and other anti-national deeds zone 6 Budapest Nagykallo Budapest's Mayor limits shopping times for Jews, complaints by citizens that Jews buy up all food supplies; various anti Semitic accusations ----------

36G 1944 Ministry of Interior, Department of National Defense Reports, minutes, witness testimonies accusing Jews and their collaborators of criminal and anti-national acts all zones Entire Country Listing of criminal acts committed by Jews against Hungary; anti-Semitic and anti Bolshevik press release in German language ----------

36H 1940 Chevra Kadisha of Munkacs Revision of governing laws of the Sacred Association zone 1 Munkacs 34 pages describing the basic rules and purposes of the Association, revised ----------

36I 1944 The Bishop of Csanad and Mayor of Szeged Letters addressed to the governing bodies of Szeged ;applications for exemption from ghetto zone 4 Szeged and vicinity Correspondence expressing the Bishops outrage for inhumane handling of Jews; refusals for. exempting converted Jews from the ghetto ----------


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