30th Anniversary Dinner

Will you help keep the promise of Never Again?

The Holocaust Memorial Center was built as a living memorial to the Holocaust—one that commemorates the victims, honors the survivors and transforms attitudes each day. Listen to the news and you know that the lessons of the Holocaust have yet to be learned. Person by person, school by school, 85,000 visitors each year take home important messages about the consequences of prejudice and racism; and the price of indifference, apathy and silence.

At our 30th Anniversary Dinner, we will honor Richard K. Stoler. Ricky works tirelessly to connect hundreds of families to their roots in the Bereznitz region of the Ukraine. He challenges all of us to think of that part of the world and understand what life was like for many of our families before World War II, before the devastation and loss of the Holocaust. Building awareness of the Center’s Library Archive, Ricky encourages us to preserve our documents, photos and treasures as testimony and witness. We will recognize this devoted community leader for his support of tolerance and respect toward all people.

We have promised our survivors and the world to never be silent again. Please help support our vital mission.

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